Our History

In 1868, at the age of 44 in our founder, Samuel Rains, started a rent collection business called RAINS in Manchester making our company one of the most long-established property businesses still in existence. A couple of years later in Cheshire, George Wrightson also started a property company which was taken over by Edward REEDS in 1890. The 2 businesses forged ahead separately in their own markets for many years, surviving good times and bad – for example during World War II the main Rains Manchester city centre office was bombed irrevocably, forcing a move to Cheadle.

The two businesses expanded offices and acquired other businesses. By 1968 all four of Samuel Rains’ great-grandsons were partners in the business, running 5 busy branches in and around Manchester, with ambitious plans to grow further. In 1976 the Reeds business merged with Petty and Co, another successful local estate agency, and formed a formidable force with 16 branches.

When Samuel Rains and Son merged with Reeds Petty in 1982 they had 50 offices between them and this made the company one of the largest estate agencies in the country. To decide on whether the brand should become REEDS RAINS or RAINS REEDS, they tossed a coin! The advertising slogan “REEDS RAINS - It’s a Great Sign for Selling houses” carried them forward for several years.

Between 1986 and 1991 Reeds Rains had a brief spell under the ownership of the Prudential, but was soon bought back and refocused on the core of the business - Estate Agency. Today Reeds Rains is owned by LSL Property Services; has a network of over 100 franchised branches has widespread presence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; and enjoys an enduring reputation for building relationships.






Samuel Rains & Sons Founded by Samuel Rains as a rent collection business.

Samuel Rains


George Wrightson founded the business that later became Reeds



Edward Reeds took over Wrightson’s property company and changed the name to Reeds



During the war the Samuel Rains & Sons City Centre office was destroyed so re-located to Cheadle



5 Samuel Rains & Sons offices at the time of their centenary celebrations

Rains & Sons


Reeds bought Petty and Co to form 16 branches in Cheshire 1978



Samuel Rains & Sons merged with Reeds Petty to form one of the largest estate agencies in the country with over 50 offices

Reeds Petty


Reeds Rains sold to The Prudential to become Reeds Rains Prudential Ltd.



The Prudential sold the business back to Reeds Rains Northern Division

Reeds Rains Northern Division


LSL Property Services acquired Reeds Rains



Reeds Rains celebrates 150th anniversary

150th anniversary


Reeds Rains has 100 branches nationwide and over 25 Franchisees

Reeds Rains Logo

Over 150 years of expertise

Part of the LSL Group
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