Who is the ideal franchisee?

We are looking for people with entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership skills and a customer service focus.

Long Term Vision

You are committed to investing in Reeds Rains and have a clear idea of how you want to succeed. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills are valuable in creating a positive work environment and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Industry Experience

Whilst this is not always mandatory, having relevant industry experience in at least one of sales or lettings is an advantage. You will need to lead a team, manage operations and interact with customers. 

Financial Stability

Financial stability is crucial for a franchisee. This includes having the necessary capital to invest in the franchise, as well as the ability to cover operational costs during the initial stages of the business, although we do encourage Franchises to start with a business that is already running.

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The Reeds Rains Franchise approval process

Contact us

Simply complete our on-line enquiry form with a few details and we’ll make arrangements for our Introductory Call.

Introductory call

We’ll discuss your ideas and plans and consider matters. We want to have a long-term and successful partnership, so it’s important that both parties are comfortable with one another!

Discovery meeting

We will schedule a one-to-one meeting where we will discuss our vision for a prosperous collaboration. During this meeting, you will gain insight into our values, our people and our strategies for achieving enduring success.

Business & operations plan

Having a business plan is a cornerstone for any operation and this provides an opportunity to discuss in detail your ambitions. We have decades of experience with businesses and we will help you with your expectations before any formal arrangements are agreed.

Contract & territory map

Every business has an exclusive postcode territory. This ensures that yours is the only Reeds Rains business that can trade in these postcodes, and your territory map forms the bedrock of your franchise agreement.

Induction & launch

You will receive induction training prior to the launch of your business, in which we will provide you with all the skills and knowledge to operate our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Once completed, we will provide on-going support to ensure your success!

Join us at Reeds Rains

We are a network of successful business people with our feet on the ground

Over 150 years of expertise

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